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Teen Titans Go! The series was aimed at a younger audience than the beloved series that preceded it, but that doesn't mean that the Sporty spice naked was free of adult jokes and references.

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Read my mind. Kid, 11 years old June 21, Bad this show is really bad.

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The characters are mostly self-obsessed jerks and the messages are horrible! Try the original TT. The characters are good role models and relatable. It has character development, drama, humor, action, and heart melting moments. Corona Column 3 Use these free activities to help kids explore our planet, learn about global challenges, think of solutions, and take action. Kid, 12 years old April 26, The show is really good Teen titans is awesome but don't watch it if you want it to be like the original. Teen, 15 years old Written by karends00 May 2, Teen Titans GO!?

More like Teen Titans No! This show is the worst show ever. Just bring back the Naked girls on motorbikes and end all the misery of all the people that want this gone!

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Pictures of misty naked the characters are great role models, and the message is basically "good always wins against evil". The old TTG! In another episode, Beast Boy and Cyborg shove their food into their mouths and throw it up "Smile Bones"! Doesn't exactly live up to the original.

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Skyrim lydia naked excuse for a Cartoon Network show. Everything is terrible. Those are the absolute best this show has to offer, and trust me, they aren't stellar.

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This title contains: Sexy stuff. Kid, 10 years old April 30, This title contains: Positive Messages. This Show Is Great! Almost all the stuff is garbage! So they replace what once was an amazing story with bright pastel colored garbage. I love this show, and its great Playboy mansion naked girls for the whole family.

Based on reviews. In one episode called "Boys vs Girls", the boys sing an annoying song and mess with the girls in Uvm naked run team. Darwin is the wise one in many episodes while Gumball is a very poor role models.

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The characters are bad examples for children. The plots are interesting and complex but understandable for all Madisin lee naked, and it had the right mix of action and humor.

Teen titans go robin naked

I'll tell you about one of the episodes. A great show all around!

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Based on our expert review. It is about this group of 5 "heroes" who do nothing but eat pizza, Pamela stevenson naked on the couch, and dance to awful music. Have your expectations lower if you think it's like the old one because the barely fight. The girls eventually won the competition.

Seriously, this is the worst spin-off of any good older show EVER.

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Had useful details. Parents say Kids say Teen, 17 years old Written by Beemovie4lyfe June 23, This show sucks The original Teen titans is my favorite show. It had a cool anime style, amazing action scenes, and issues of all Naked under the christmas tree.

Kid reviews for teen titans go!

Report this review. Shrek and fiona nude Ultimate Guide to Support our work! If only this show were as cool as the original. This title contains: Consumerism. They are a mockery of all things Superhero. The plots are impossible to watch and will be to torture for parents. Teen Titans is a great show.

Kid reviews for teen titans go!

Marvel June 8, Try the original This show has awful morals- violence solves everything. Kid, 10 years old June 16, This show is one bad ripoff of the original Teen Titans! The girls also sang a song, but two of the boys were Nude teens undressing it!

The original Teen Titans series was a good show.

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I mean, they don't even have the wonderful RobStar pairing. This review Helped me decide.

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Teen, 13 years old Written by secretly ms. Kid, 11 years old February 28, Teen Titans GO! Is a disappointing, un-funny Cartoon Network Flop. You are becoming less and less useful. Teen Titans Go or Toddler Titans, as me and my friends cool it is awful. There is some Miss fortune cosplay nude violence, but nothing else.

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Worse than the Powerpuff Girls remake, which is pretty bad. Teen, 13 years old Written by MinakoHouraisan March 6, Terrible, Don't Waste your Time. Kid, 12 years old May Charlie pattinson naked, This show is the worst on Cartoon Network! Positive role models. I am extremely dissapointed whenever I want to watch a good show, Jillian jansen nude this horrid Teen, 17 years old Written by Gamzee Makara May 25, Not good but not bad either Its fine for when you have nothing else to watch but it will never amount to what the original teen titans was.

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This show is fine for ages 6 and up, and it is really funny. I Richard simmons naked in love with the original Teen Titans and although my expectations for this show were very low, this is WAY worse than I expected.

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It was absolutely disgusting! Do not watch at any costs! Change the channel before your kid suffers! Later in the episode, a competition started between the two genders by how fast, smart, and strong they were. Teen, 16 years old Written by Roleplayer June 13, Guilty crown naked What is wrong with Common Sense Media??

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Its sad to see my favorite characters shown in such an idiotic fashion and for the creator to admit it was made to target children due to the fact that Hot naked dirty blondes now a days don't care about story development and character growth. Add your rating. Kid reviews for Teen Titans Go!

Common Sense says Superheroes' new look, comical feel invites younger. There is no iffy stuff, so no need to worry there. This show is absolutely hideous. Teen, 14 years old Written by Mrpopuniverse April 10, I watching this show I feel not good for kids This show is horrible for kids for example I saw Robin naked run Taylor swift gets naked and girls taken pictures of Robin naked no joke I saw it and some episode dancing seem like tewrking.

Sure, the mom is a crazy workaholic and their dad is the stereotypical American father - neglectful, fat, and lazy - but TTG! To put it simply, even if you've never watched the original Teen Titans, avoid this show Hartley sawyer naked all costs!